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Advantages of a Broker

It benefits you to work with us

Since we are specialists in insurance and risk management, we are an essential partner within your business operations. We provide you with professional advice, based on years of training and experience because we have thorough understanding of the insurance market.

Insurance Specialists

We are specialist brokers, we understand the industry and market. We help you with analysis and choosing the correct insurance product and insurer. A Broker has access to leading insurance companies in the country and international market for complex insurance products.

Managing Claims

As your broker, Marara Risk Solutions will help your submit claims and manage any dispute whilst ensuring that you are treated fairly by your insurer. Your Broker act as your advocate in settlement of any claim that may be made to you under your insurance. Claims are pro-actively handled, minimising costs and losses.

Risk Management

A Broker will assist you in identifying insurable and uninsurable risks thus allowing you to take informed decision on the level of cover you need, provide insurance solutions, acquire, and maintain insurance cover. We work in your best interests to provide insurance options and solutions to assist in mitigating both the financial and personal impact of losses within your business operations. We help you understand the details of a policy and also work out what level of cover you need. We provide you with tailored risk management solutions thst suits you.

You Save on Premiums

Despite what Direct Insurers may say in their advertising, it is not necessarily cheaper to cut out the middleman. Insurers that use Brokers pay ongoing commission on premiums, as opposed to Direct Insurers, who often pay Call-Centre agents a commission. It may be difficult for you, the consumer, to compare quotes from insurers, because they may assess your risk differently, require different levels of excesses, and/or offer different “bells and whistles”, such as cash-back bonuses. This is an added reason for relying on the expertise of a broker in decision making.

Adheres to the Regulatory Environment

Brokers are obliged to be registered as financial services providers with the Financial Services Conduct Authority and must comply with the requirements of the FAIS Act. This addresses things such as disclosure, needs analysis and rights of recourse. Brokers receive ongoing professional education through regular conferences and workshops. Relationship managers from the insurance companies regularly call on brokers to keep them updated on development and latest products available.

We care about our Clients' Business

We work for you, not the insurer. It is our duty of care to represent your best interests at all times. Understanding your day to day activities and the range of issues you face means our products and services will be tailored to your needs. We will ensure that you have the insurance solution in place to properly protect your business. Furthermore, we are advocates for our clients and will defend our clients entitlements.

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Our approach is flexible and we tailor-make a product to suit to each client.

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Broking Services

We offer Intermediary & Advisory services to individual and commercial clients. We work with South African insurance underwriters to present our customers with a wide range of risk transfer solutions.

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Risk Management

We have the expertise, knowledgeability and skill at identifying unforeseen risks and producing effective strategies. We believe every client is unique and our approach is tailored accordingly.

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Claims Management

We offer a complete claims management solution for companies. we know how to efficiently and effectively manage your claims. We take a proactive approach to claims investigation and settlement.

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Risk Financing & Retention

We help clients understand and quantify their complex crisis exposure so that they can make informed decisions. We have the the ability to identify, insure, and manage your risks.

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As specialist insurance brokers, we deal with a wide range of products and services and are qualifi ed to recommend the policies that best suit your needs from a broader portfolio of options than a direct insurance agent.

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